Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halloween Tuneage

Well last year around this time, my Halloween gift to you was a sexy witch (and HOW).

This year, I put a little more of myself into it (and kept the sexy women for myself). SoI give to you, a couple of one man jam recordings I did the other day. Their live mixes and completely done in one take (needless to say, each jam took in the area of 45 minutes to set up). These would make great background music for a party or to have playing in the background as you give out candies to the kids.

Hope you Enjoy!

The Cavern - Halloween Jam 1
Heavy Breathing - Halloween Jam 2


Anonymous said...

Pretty creepy. I can tell that's my slectric just by the sound. Plus I know it's the only one you have right now.

David Roman said...

Hey Jeremy. I just got back from "An Inconvenient Truth". BUY IT AND WATCH IT. I know you've always wanted to be mr. environment, and this documentary will push you ahead quickly. It was probably the single greateast movie viewing of my life. Yes, even better then the LOTR trilogy. (this is no exaggeration) Go to if you haven't already and spread the word. Take care homes.

Demoncrush said...

Wow dave has peaked my curiousity that's the one that Al Gore wrote right? I think I would like to see it as well.