Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pilot's World on the road again!

Ok folks! So I'm gonna do another Pilot's World road trip. Nothing as extravigant as Saskatoon. Nope, this time, I'm goin' to Regina.

So what does this entail? Well here's my plans / to-do list.

- Leaving Thursday night from Weyburn on STC bus... come back Sunday morning.
- Find somewhere to stay the 3 nights I'll be in town (any takers.. all I need is a couch!)
- Maybe (MAYBE) find rides at least to and from the bus station.
- Coffee or more with Nathan, Rob, Dave, Kristie, Kim.
- Poker @ Kristies?
- Hard, HARD gay sex with Rob (Kristies Rob). And I'm not receiving so don't ask.
- Go to a tourist attraction in Regina. I'm thinking the Leg, RCMP Barracks, McKenzie or something else. Leg or RCMP are my preferences, but I'm open to ideas.
- Hit a few downtown shops and get some things I need.
- Get ALL fucked up.
- Promote the shit out of the TRI PROVINCE ADVENTURE CLUB forum and engage in some dialogue about the canoe trip.
- Find someone to love... ok maybe not that one.

Anyways I'm gonna send e-mails out to the concerned parties as well, but I figured while I was bored at work I'd let everyone know.

Also I got a new digital camera this week that I'm really itching to take for a run.


kat said...

go to an art amazed at how many people havent' been to the mackenzie...and its even better inebriated!

Soulfood said...

OK, I can't believe you're not coming to Saskatoon!!! Come on!!! Diefenbaker's grave!!!! It doesn't get better than that.

So, are you getting a dollar for that cup of coffee?? I really don't know what point you're at for Pilot's Millions and when I clicked on the link it didn't take me anywhere.

What the hell is the Leg???

And seriously...find a ride from the bus station. That place is creepy and you don't want to stay there any longer than absolutely necessary.

A tip from a seasoned STC bus rider...sit in the middle. A bit away from the old folks, but still far from the little kids screaming in the back. That's the best way.

Don't miss your can ask Andrew what happens when you do that.

Pilon, A said...

Fuck you Shanna.

David Roman said...

Even better, I have an air matress.... with air in it..... and stuff. You could share my bed if it's Friday! haha. Let me know what's up I'm doing homework all weekend, but I'm sure we could chill and ill.

David Roman said...

oh yah, and regina's sewer system is more interesting than anything Saskatoon has to offer.

Life Ruiner's Anonymous said...

damn you!!! maybe i'll try and get there to ride the bus lol.. we'll see... hoping i can take the govy car, in which case i could give you a ride... but i'll have to check out what my boss says first

Binns said...

I got a couch that you are welcome to sleep on. I might have to wrap it in saran wrap first, but with a sheet over top, you'll be good.

Give me a shout.

Kristie T said...

You are always welcome at Rob, Jeff and I's place, all I got is a couch but what a couch. Poker on Friday is a go. I have sunday off too. Talk you later.

Soulfood said...

Can I have your old digital camera???

Danny said...

haha too late I already bought his piece of tape, I mean camera. i'll sell it to you for a profit tho