Thursday, January 05, 2006

And in Reply to Rhonda....

Ok folks this won't make sense unless you read Rhonda's blog "Rescue Regina"... so head on over there and read the post "Pilot's Revenge". Go on, I'll wait.

Done yet. Oh sorry...


So Rhonda likes to reply to my blog on hers, which is cool because I read hers enough that I catch those replys. Hell she even replied once to a conversation I had with Jeff. Now that's fucking devotion to a craft!

So anyways, although I replied on hers (because no one ever does and her posts DESERVE a fucking reply dammit, their good why if I .... sorry) I'm gonna post it here as well.

"Jeff, if you read this, I'm falling in love with your girlfriend... sorry.

Rhonda, thanks for the supportive words. Once again, my friends and family are getting me through. And Nintendo, you're right.... Nintendo is the answer.

In the short time I've known you, you've been able quite adeptly to put at least my relationship in perspective. Maybe its your outside view of things, who knows, but what you said to me at the Inn party, while kinda painful at the time, carried me through the first week or so and has been the basis of me working through this.

The bottom line tho, like you've said and everyone else has, is keep busy and it'll pass. Heck I know that even. It's not gonna stop me from feeling sorry for myself. Hell no! What kinda person would I be if I forgot the love of my life that quickly. A damn heartless one that's what kind!

Anyhoo, thanks again, and Bootsy (my pup) says ... I think "hi".... it involves her tongue in my ear and nostrils, so I think its good. "

Also I think I'm gonna write a rap album, I need some girls to make sex sounds on some of the tracks (the ones where I'm not talking about capping a niggah)... if you guys know of any, drop me a line.


Soulfood said...

Bootsy's a girl....


Pilon, A said...

I'd like to hear her moan......eeewww.

lance said...

Hey Pilot.

I found you and Andrew via RadioGirl via Himpster.

Anyway, FYI, I added you to the Sask Blogs blogroll.

If you don't want to be on it, just send me an email via

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