Thursday, January 19, 2006

Preparation for the Apocalypse (aka my visit to Regina)


So i'm geting ready for the big trip. All the usual stuff, making sure I have everything packed (which I'm sure I don't), getting the blog ready for remote posts, making sure there's someone to feed Bootsy, finding some 2 dollar bills to pick up hookers with, making sure i have some sort of itinerary for the trip.

Here is my tentative schedule so far (VERY subject to change).

Thursday :
Leave work around 6. Stop by bank quick and get my finances ready for the trip. Hop over to the bus station, buy a ticket, get on the bus. Gel.
Get into Regina around 9:30, hop a cab to Triffons Pizza. Meet Jeff there at 8:30, hopefully meet someone else there before then.
Drink, be merry.
Crash (probably at K,R & J's)

Friday :
unspecified time : stumble to bathroom, puke/pee.
return to couch/floor/floor beside toilet

Friday :
wake up.
Go to stores with Jeff? Get some shopping stuff done by myself at least.
Find someone to go to the Museum of Natural History (or whatever the fuck its called now) or Science Center or Leg with me.
Evening : poker at Kristies

Saturday :
wake up.
clean up puke around couch/floor/floor around toilet.
wake up.
get the rest of the way back to couch/floor/floor around toilet
wake up.
wake up
wake up
clean up puke again, get drink of water
puke up water

fend off screaming and accusations from my hosts.
Put pants back on
Apologize to Rob for violating him
maybe do some more sightseeing.
Be at nathan's before 3:00
Go to McKenzie with Nathan and Ash (and whoever else wants to go.. Kat I beleive you showed interest)

Puke a little less... I hafta catch the bus at 11:00 (leaves at 11:20)
Get back into town at noon... hope I can handle work
go home.
send off e-mails of apology.

So there we have it. definetly some full days. I of course hope I don't get THAT messed up so that I can enjoy some full days. But I make no guarantees.

See y'all there!


David Roman said...

It says arrive in Regina at 9:30 and be somewhere at 8:30? what the heck? Anyways, maybe I'll come say hey on Thursday night for a bit, let me know what time you'll be at Triphons. I'm assuming at about 10. I may even be able to pick you up tonight from the bus depot and save you the cab fare. My phone number is 585-2097, but I'm not around very often so it's better to e-mail me at Later

Darth Fudge said...

That's a full schedule of puking you've got going there Jeremy. Frankly speaking, I don't how you're going to get through the weekend only peeing once, but maybe you're magical.

rob said...

trifons in the south?
i may be able to swing by, post a time...(do you need a ride from the bus depot?)

rob said...

duh, i don't read, i see dave asked the identical questions, in the post above me, the scary thing is that i swear i actually did read it before i posted, but in the time it took to read and press the respond button, my mind had blanked it out...

"let me get my head together"

Pilon, A said...

I don't think you ahve enough time for puking yet.

Life Ruiner's Anonymous said...

get my boyfriend home at a reasonable time on saturday morning... I'm really hoping he'll come and visit me. It wouldn't be the end of my world if he didn't, but then perhaps I am living minus the ammenities we discussed last night.

Please don't violate him, we're still curing the incurable hahaha.

Danny said...

It's good to hear that your puking goal for Day 1 was accomplished. How's Day 2 doing for you??