Saturday, January 14, 2006


Fristly, I'd like to invite my friends who are you know... of the just beyond highschool group... um... yeah I think you know who you are... anyways, go to the Tri-Province Adventure Club Forum and start posting. The 2006 Canoe trip is beginning its planning and I'd like to hear from y'all as well as getting some outdoors stuff started. Rhonda, I assume you're welcome in this group now since you let us party at your house... check out the site and join up... AND POST! I'll try and get more stuff up as I go along.

Second, I'm fixing Pilot's World goddammit. I know I have a holy-rolling shitload of broken links, mistakes and old stuff I need to clean up. I was thinking of a new look too, but waddya think? I kinda like the girls...

Third, Andrew and Steve, I'd like to get started on our "ideas" for future blog projects. I've spoken to both of you about them, Andrew I wanna start yours next week if possible. Steve, next time you're in town for a while.

Fourth, I know I really need to get going on some of the other parts of Pilot's World, perhaps this coming month will be time. I know I want to get up a "Bootsy" Calendar and some more merch that no one will buy. I put the Pilot's World webcam back up... who knows how long that will stay up, but hey for now, you can see my mess.

Finally, I'm still feelin' pretty down on myself... I really don't want any comments trying to make me feel better about that, it's just the fact... I think you all should know, I don't want you to do anything about it. I'm trying to keep myself busy and content, but I still have my down times, so please bare with me.


Binns said...

Wow...what a scenic view... Dude, finish unpacking! You should point your web cam to the general area where Bootsy likes to hang out during the day.

David Roman said...

sorry Pilot, not talking about politics isn't going to get you posts....haha!

Pilon, A said...

Jeremy, youshould feelbetteraboutyourself...HA! That was for the story blog bit! YOu know what I'm talking about! Also, I have SUnday and Monday off(the next two days) so those are good times.

Soulfood said...

What about ME???? Not one mention in that post. You should feel down on yourself just for that.

Demoncrush said...

I joined your Triprovince and book-marked it so I'll check it out as often as I can. Oh yeah and your NDP candidate looks like a goon so I don't balame you for switching your vote. Besides The Greens can always use more support.

Radio Girlie said...

Holy Crap, a Bootsie calendar!!
I'm gonna have to find some pics of Charlie!!

sorryabouthefeelbetteraboutyourself comments....we just love you!!
(and we don't want you to suffer the same fates on the streets of Weyburn that I did)

As for politics....VOTE marijuana party!