Monday, January 16, 2006

well I have somewhere to Sleep!

Spent a pretty laid back day today. Had it off from work, so I just gelled, played some PS2, watched movies and went downtown with Andrew. I need his help on a Blog expose I'm gonna do when I get back from Regina, so I got him on board that.

Jeff and I stayed up to all hours of the night discussing and idea we've had for a few months. Not sure the idea will ever see the light of day, but dammit, I'm gonna try and make it happen.

I realize that a few posts ago I sounded kindof ungrateful for the support I've gotten these past few weeks. I didn't intend for it to come out that way, but re-reading it, that's exactly how it came out. Sorry about that folks, I appreciate the comments, just didn't feel like any that night.

Seems that the more popular this damn thing gets the more often I run upon controversy. Most of it is just the fact that I type/post stuff on a spur. I don't think about the concequences. I have one friend/couple that I manage to offend or piss off on basically a monthly basis. I never mean to, I love them both dearly, but it sometimes comes out that way. You know who you guys are. Sorry.

And what elese do I need to clean up... oh yes, Shanna, I'm gonna fix the link to Pilots Millions, the one posted is wrong.

Hmm... that's all for now I think... maybe I'll have more apologies later. But I doubt it.


David Roman said...

you forgot to apologize for the lack of "services" you give on Fridays. You're really slacking off, tsk tsk

Radio Girlie said...

Oh, no an expose?! hope it's not about me!!

Heehehehe...have fun in Regina!

Darth Fudge said...

Don't fix the movie factory link under your Pilot's World Network banner... the spanish site has some good memories attached to it now.