Sunday, January 01, 2006

Why Rhonda's Party Sucked

Well here we are, the first day of the new year. And my first Blog for 2006. Had a great time last night and we're having some fun playing Medal of Honor. I hijacked Rob's laptop again. I think on a laptop and on a Mac were two of my "need to blog on" list so that's cool.

So we went to Rhondas for new years and well, let me tell you, we had some good times. This is why I had to title this entry as I did. As we were leavign everyone was saying their thank yous and "Great PARTY!"'s I had to be different and told Rhonda her party sucked and that I was gonna tell people that. So here we are.

Bought a PS2 yesterday and THUG and some sort of mixer game. Looks like it could be something cool. Anyways, that's it from this peanut gallery.



Soulfood said...

Where's the picture???


Pilon, A said...

IF you want to borrow any games..I have a bunch.....but I said borrow! not "borrow".

Kristie T said...

We can always count on you Pilot for the blatant truth thank you for that.