Monday, January 02, 2006

A bit confused!

I must admit, I'm at a bit of a dilema right now. I have 2 - 1/2 hours left till work.. and I'm not feeling the usual dread and chest pain I usually feel. I'm not already looking forward to getting home.

Can this be possible? Can i really like my job, or possible love it.

My God.


David Roman said...

Isn't it strange actually liking work? I've had that feeling at the CO-OP. I had a blast there with all the employees and gained some friends for life.

David Roman said...

By the way, I'm comenting from my new iBook haha, eat it up pathetic Windows slaves!

Pilon, A said...

Ya, well I'm commenting with my new flatscreen monitor....Jeremy..give me your job!! In good news Bonnie is having a really shitty week and I think she is scared that I'm gonna leave cause she is being extra nice to me lately..still no raise though.

Darth Fudge said...

Pilon! You gotta kill for that raise! That's the only way they know you mean business.

As for you Jeremy, the thought of liking your job sickens me... although I got that same feeling working with the kids over the summer... it was sick.


rob said...

yeah, windows sucks, didja get a g4? didja? didja!?