Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ok a few things to say today

Firstly, I'm gonna break my no emotional outbreak rule and say the following... If you drink and drive you are a fucking retarded short dicked (or fat assed) asshole. Did I offend anyone?


So on the way to my post-surgery checkup in Saskatoon today we come upon some of the worst roads I've ever seen. Like ice 2 inches thick. So we're crawling along at say 50 or so and this guy in a white SUV zips past, goes to come back into the right lane, spins out and rolls into the ditch. We pull over, I sprint to the truck to make sure everyone's ok, and as I climb on the truck the door opens and a head pops out, attached to a body wearing a shirt soaked in beer and attached to a hand holding a beer. "Man I am so fucked" is the first thing this dickhead can say to me. It was all I could do not to drop the fucking door on his head right there. I sprinted 400 yards in 20 mph freezing cold wind in a T-shirt because some asshole couldn't wait till he got home to crack his case. IT WAS 11 IN THE FUCKING MORNING! Idiot.

Anyways, the checkup went smashingly, the eye is awesome. The rest of the day was pretty laid back. These trips to Saskatoon with my parents are pretty fun (despite my assasination attempts as recently as last night). I've learned a bunch of stuff about my child hood, about my parents when they were younger and that mom is a ninja and has her 5th degree black belt. Who knew!

To those of you who don't understand my pallette template, I realize I was kinda vague, I was tired and excited about my new invention. I will explain it on here very soon.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but did KENT just post a comment on my blog? I thought that motherfucker was dead! Who knew!


Pilon, A said...

Just so you know, I actually designed that template a long time ago, so your breaking copyright.

Darth Fudge said...

Just so you know, you should really cover the new Oligodendroglia CDs here on this blog... FlippyGrip has been mail bombing me for weeks for you to do it.

Danny said...

That's scary Jeremy, I lost an aunt to one of those fuckheads, tho it was at like 9pm. So you shoulda slammed the door on that fuck wad. Hope you called the cops on him and I hope he totally off his vehicle and spilt all his precious beer.

Danny said...

There should be harsher crimes on Driving under the influence, send them to jail for a week or more. They are risking peoples lives everyday. I bet everyone out there has lost someone to an accident caused by one of these dumbfucks behind the wheel. Someone should start a petition and see if we can make a difference.

Soulfood said...

You know...if you guys are all pissed about this...you should BUY ONE OF MY SHIRTS!! Proceeds go to Students Against Drinking and Driving which advocates against stuff like this!

Keep watch out soon for Bus advertising in Regina and Saskatoon.