Wednesday, March 08, 2006

OK Let's Sit Down and Discuss this Calmly

One of the major factors I was contemplating giving up Blogging was that sometimes in my passionate fits I'll say shit I don't mean, shouldn't say or misword things. It's caused rifts in some relationships I've had, and I've dragged not only my problems, but others into the limelight. Despite what I want to think, alot of people read this blog, I literally get hundreds of hits a day.

Last night was a prime example of one of those passionate fits and I wrote something I shouldn't have. I had until last night held myself to the rule that once it's written, its in stone and it doesn't change or dissappear. But I think I need to change that outlook a bit. Because last night I was really frustrated with my life and I wrote a post that appeared to be a real attack on two people that have really pulled me through some hard times, showed me that work can be fun and I love them dearly. Corey and Laura, I'm sorry if what I wrote last night came off wrong. It has been deleted forever.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I'll try and explain with a more level head. As we all know I've been living the dream job for the past 4 months or so at Movie Factory. Yesterday Corey and Laura had to do what was probably the hardest thing they'll have to do in business, they had to cut me to part time, effectively removing my ability to live off my earnings here. I know it was a hard decision and I know they feel terrible about it, but they had to do what was right for them and their business.

So I am thinking of moving on. I'm gonna look for work and lodging in Regina I think as I've run short on friends and options in Weyburn. And I need to get out for a year or so, alot of negative stigma has become attached with this little burg for me in the past few months (Kristie affectionately describes it as the armit in the crotch of Saskatchewan.. thanks for the delicious verbal image there). So I'm looking for help y'all, hell I'm begging for it. Leads on jobs, cheap lodging, whatever... gimme a call!

In other news and since I'm gonna end on a positive note and feel good about myself, here is the following three tidbits of news ;

One : Two days till my eye surgery! We're heading to Saskatoon tommorrow and I get the work done on Friday afternoon. I think I'm pretty prepared mentally as I'm more concerned with the fact that I won't be allowed to eat on Friday until like .... 3 or 4 o'clock. The needles and cuts no longer concern me as much... my stomach does.

Two : Just over two weeks left till Queen! Nothing in this world short of a nuclear explosion is gonna stop me from seeing Mother Fucking Queen in MinneFuckingApolis. I swear after the eye surgery and Queen, I'm not sure what my driving desires will be.

Three : I just got hired into a semi-pro cover band to play bass. Granted I'm out of practivce and covers really aren't my thing, but they are really good, so I'm gonna learn alot and I'll be paid, so that's a bonus. Plus I've been working through the set list and the songs are fucking fantastic and I'm really stoked to put my fingerprint on them.

(On and also the business plan is coming along smashingly. I should be able (with adequate time and effort) to start phase one of the company within the next 4-6 months).


Darth Fudge said...

If I see any job openings, I'll be sure to uh... comment on here or something. Best of luck with your future, whatever it may hold.

Pilon, A said...

Mkae sure you eat as much as your body can hold at 11:59 Thursday night. That'll help.

Binns said...

What band are you going to play with? And I think your decision to get out of the taint of Saskatchewan is a good plan. Not that Regina has a lot to offer, but it has something to offer.

Radio Girlie said...

Congrats on the gig!
(and ofcourse we still adore you!!)

We will miss one of the best employees EVER if your luck works out in Regina.

(PS..words may be like tooth know the whole once they're out you can't take them back thing,... but they CAN be cleaned up with a BEER!)

Soulfood said...

Maybe me, you, and the boy will have to head to Vancouver.

Holy shit, I just went swimming and I can't even type...even my fingers are tired.

Jonny said...

I don't know if this will help or not, but when I was looking for jobs I checked out The only thing is that they are usually looking for truckers or something to that extent. Good Luck and my the force be with you.