Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What the Hell Pilot?

So where have I been? Quitting that's where. I realized (with one well placed post by my little sister) that I spend too much time on this online log and not enough time advancing my way thorough life. I have a business plan to write then implement, education to consider, a dog to care for, a full time job and a life to live. I spend far too much time blogging and MSNing and not nearly enough time working on the rest of my life. I might even be quitting this thing.

So there you have it.

In response to some of the comments on my last post, both online and in person, I did not write that song. It's called "Save Me" by that marvellous band Queen. My poetry is far less eloquent and way more deperate. And I don't know them big words. It just happens to describe my state of mind better than even I could have.

To close I'm gonna leave you with a quote by a guy who came into the movie factory last week. Several girls walked in and started to say hi to him and he replied, "Why don't you go do something with your hair". BURN!


Darth Fudge said...

Quitting? Aw man, I thought quitting and startng up again was going to be forever stuck with you. I suppose I can take it over, I have been doing it a lot lately.

So... do I get the blogging crown to abuse?

Pilon, A said...

No, I do..I am the one who posts the most next to him and mine can be understood much better than yours..your just the jester philosopher or something like that

Danny said...

Danny sad :( why jeremy want to quit why jeremy why? Just blog and do all your shit at work like I do. I don't do any of it at home.

Binns said...

I predict that Jeremy won't quit. It just won't be an every day thing to do. Just because you can't devote all of your time doesn't mean you can't devote some of your time. Balance dude. Everything is good in moderation.