Friday, March 17, 2006

Good things to Check out

Well I'll be exploring the socially concious side of Pilot's World today. So all you hippie haters, best take a walk.

Firstly, my cousin extraordinaire Kara is participating in the Cancer Society's Relay For Life this year. She wants my poor ass to donate money, but as I am a broke ass, I'm gonna have to do the next best thing. Promote her here and hope some rich millionaire visits the site. Please visit her donation page at and donate money if you are able. The Cancer Society is a good cause and you'll be thankful if you get Cancer. Also I think its a good time to send a shout out to my New Uncle david who is having a bit of a struggle with cancer right now. We're all confident he'll be fine, but it does go to show how much of a reach cancer has.

Got the first advice post up at Rechargeable Future today. I'm kinda embarrassed to admit that I went through all the making of the site then never bothered to thnk of what my first post would be. Oh well, its a really easy challenge so that rules. I started the page using a service called WordPress. I know this is a really powerful service, but I'm having alot of trouble with it right now. Something as simple as adding the code for some of my advertising and counters and stuff is nearly impossible to work with. It is designed to be something you install on your own server though, so once I get the server up and running I should be in the clear. Failing that, I'll just hafta start using another service. One of the advantages of being early in the game. Moving Pilot's World to a new server would be a major undertaking with over 330 posts to port over.

Anyhoo, gonna go get more work done. Remember to turn off a standby appliance today!


Alotta Cocka 1nd said...

Fucking Hippies.

Anonymous said...

I tried using WordPress to develop my slowly developing blog/mega-site but I was having trouble finding ways of customising it in the way I wanted. I have recently installed Mambo Server, which is a content management system. I haven't really explored it too thoroughly yet.

domestikus said...

For some reason that last comment listed me as anonymous