Saturday, March 18, 2006

Magazine Cards

Hello all!

I need a favour from all my local friends and family (Weyburn specifically). I'm working on a weird new ad idea for Rechargeable Future and I need magazine cards. You know those annoying bits that fall out of your magazines when you open them up. The only requirement is that they have the "No Postage Necessary" on the mailing side. Doesn't matter if it's Canada or the US, either is cool. I need them by this Friday at midnight.

You can drop them off to me at Movie Factory or at home.


Michelle said...

Hey Jerm, just read your post today...I have a whole ton of them so if you still need them let me know.... didn't read it before or I would have given them to you.

Danny said...

Magazine Cards huh. I'll see what I can conjure up for you there.