Friday, March 24, 2006

Leavin' on a ... car.

So less than 24 hours left till we hit the road. Thanks for the suggestions for other beers to try, I had totally neglected Busch. So I'll try that too. I'll take pictures of each bottle I drink.

If there is one disappointing part of seeing Queen its that I won't be seeing Freddie or John. As we all know Freddie passed about 15 years ago, and John didn't want to have anything to do with the newest incarnation of the band. Regardless, I'm pumped to hear some live Queen songs, and I would have settled for a good tribute band... but this has real members of Queen!

So now, a list of songs I really want to hear Queen play:
- Under Pressure
- We Will Rock You (The panultimate interactive song... I just can't imagine stomping and clapping along with QUEEN)
- Fat Bottomed Girls
- Now I'm Here
- Save Me (My current Queen fav)
- Barcelona (A real fucking long shot here, and without Freddy, why bother, but it would be mind blowing live)
- Melancoly Blues (Again a long shot and without Freddy... well it just wouldn't be gay enough)
- Hammer to Fall (no, not about MC Hammer)
- One Vision (I just really wanna yell out the fried chicken part. I have a yelling food in song fetish... you should hear me belt out the "Chikki Cherry Cola" part in that gay Savage Garden song)
- Livin' On The Edge (Oh I know its an Aerosmith song, but they just cancelled their N. American tour and my travel bud Corey won't get to see them now, so this could be some consolation. Plus this is my fav Aerosmith song, so that would be cool.)

So there ya go, Brain, Roger if you're reading this, your setlist is half done, just sprinkle in some stuff you guys like, smatter on a couple Bad Company songs so Paul will shut the fuck up and you're set.

You're Welcome.


Pilon, A said...

ya, well I got a tattoo.

Soulfood said...

I also think they should sing Killer Queen. I like that song. It's good.

And bicycle race.

Binns said...

yeah, bicycle rules.