Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ok, So I Still Got It

Ok. What a great afternoon. As i mentioned a few weeks ago, I was drafted into a 50's-70's Rock cover band to play bass. Well we finally got together today to jam and it was awesome.

I had gone and played with these young kids a few months back and they were just terrible and everything we played sounded like shit and they kept looking at me like it was my fault and shit and I was so out of practice I was sure it WAS me and ... well you get the idea.

So her i am with some GOOD players, including my man Alfredo who is probably one of the best musicians I've ever played with... and it just totally gelled. Alfredo even complimented how good I was, a MAJOR thing for me because he's fucking amazing.

So yeah it went really well and I'll be preforming full time with them by about May sometime (perhaps earlier). We're called Old Skool, so check us out if you ever see we're playing.


rob said...

who else plays in it? is it weyburn-based?

domestikus said...

Alfredo! Great snag. He's definitely one of the best all-round musicians in Weyburn.