Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Wish Weyburn Had a Dog Park

A slow day at work and since it's my last day and with a "what are they gonna do, fire me?" attitude, I've been reading Waiter Rant, an excellent blog on the life and career of a 37 year old waiter in New York. Anyways he talked about taking his dog to the dog park (and an unfortunate incident that happened there)... and I just realize how much Bootsy would just love a place like that. A big open space to run around and play with other dogs... oh sure she'd probably get eaten by a Bull Mastiff, but hell she'd have fun doin it.

Like yesterday morning, I tied her up on her clothesline and went inside to sort laundry when I hear her barking away. She's usually pretty quiet so I go out to see what's up, and there is someone walking by with these two HUGE dogs... like big greyhound looking things.... not sure what they were, but they were tall and lean. Anyways... as we all know Bootsy is 1 foot fuckall and can barely open her mouth wide enough to pick up her toy Care Bear. So I just stroll out and kneel down next to her and pat her on the head. "So what's the game plan Boots? I mean, they're six times your size... you couldn't take on of them let alone two. They're not gonna be charmed by your cuteness as easily as I am. And besides, you've put on a couple of pounds over the winter... you're gonna have a hell of a time keeping up with them. So what's the plan.. how you planning to go about this?"

Shut her right up. Who says you need to hit your dog?

That said, she gets a swat on the nose from time to time.


Pilon, A said...

You'll hear from the Animal Rights Activists for that!

Soulfood said...

Don't pretend that idea came out of your head. It's from SNL on that Will Ferrell DVD we got each other for Christmas a couple of years ago.