Monday, April 24, 2006

I feel so.... arthouse

So went to Regina for the day Saturday. Partied at Rhonda, Jeff, Rob, Kat, Rob, Kristie, Steve, Fidel, Poochy, Geech, and half of the rest of the world's house that night. Had just a blast and got a really mindblowing jam in with Rob. Unbeleivably good jam. Like for a bass and guitar only, this was quite possibly one of the best jams I've done. Not too sure what the rest of the people were thinking who were there, but it was blowing my mind and I was half the show.

Did the jam with Old Skool yesterday. Once again, our guitarist didn't make it, so I did a few songs on acoustic with the singer, did a bass, keyboard, drum, vocal jam with the rest, but it was a little lacking. No one was really into it, and I was not in the mood to jam with them... I was still reeling from the night before. Just wanted to do free jam all afternoon.

And then since everything in Rock comes in trilogies, Dave just re-opened WMD. So in other words, it is well possible that WMD will be jamming again and possibly be doing a show. Which just blows my mind. I'm actually super-stoked for this as I was gonna buy a new effects processor in the next few months, and that would just be a wicked place to begin using it.

Also yesterday, Rob gave me a ride home, at the same time giving me some extended use of one of his SLR cameras. I haven't done film in this method since junior high. I'm pretty stoked as he has a dark room too thus (hopefully) allowing me the ability to develop my own photos, allowing control and greater affordability.

I bought three rolls of film for it today, a roll of really cheap ASA 200 film, Polaroid (Wal-Mart Branded) (which I shot this afternoon at SVECC, figure I'll make my mistakes on the cheap stuff), a roll of ASA 100 Black and White, Kodak ($5.89 seemed a bit much, but I wanted to try it out), and a roll of ASA 400 Colour, Fuji.

Also a Happy Birthday who doesn't have internet, thus does not know I wished him a Happy Birthday here.

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