Friday, April 28, 2006

With so much drama in the RGC

Well I'm heading off to Regina again tonight, coming back early Sunday sometime. Just really need to get out of Weyburn for a bit. Also, Jeff insisted.

So just waiting for Rhonda who is generously coming about 20 minutes out of her way to pick me up. What a sucker! LOL. But ANYWAYS, got something to do for the next day at least. The neighbor is gonna look after Bootsy for a change, but hey if Andrew is reading and wants to hang out with her smelly dog butt (Bootsy, not the neighbor), go right ahead.

BUT I should really get going and get something done before Rhonda gets here. I'll try and call y'all.


David Roman said...

It's kinda hard bein' Jay P. I. double Z,

Call me to go to Punjabi! Do it! c'mon! You know you want East Indian Buffet! 586-7988 or 529-9092!

Pilon, A said...

Some guys at work recommended a bar to me that you'd probably like. I think it was called the rainbow or something...Hell, you go to bars more than me, you've probably heard of it.

Soulfood said...

Sounds like a gay bar.

Binns said...

I haven't gotten a phone call yet. I guess I'm not cool enough.