Sunday, April 09, 2006


So the plan today was to start a little herb/salad garden out my back porch today. God felt it was more important that it rain. I'm not too upset though. We need rain really badly out here and I needed to be stuck inside to practice some songs and clean house.

Band practice was also cancelled today. One of the parts of being in a band with a bunch of 50 year olds is that they hurt themselves CONSTANTLY. So our guitarist is out of commision for a bit. Oh well, it gives me time to polish up my chops. Paul McCartney was no hack on bass.

So yeah. Yesterday I was sitting out back with the landlady and the Horseshoe Gang (as I will now call all the old people that congregate in that area). We got to talking about gardens and plants. So I decided I'm gonna grow a little herb/salad garden. I Michelle and I went to Crappy Tire (Canadian Tire for everyone else who hasn't shopped there) and got some seeds and a watering can. So now you guys have lots of pictures of my garden to look forward to in addition to pictures of wild flowers and Bootsy! Woo Hoo!


Soulfood said...


Pilon, A said...

SCREW THE GARDEN!! JUST BOOTSY!! You know she'll just dig it up.

Danny said...

I thought you were gonna grow um tomatoes

Janine said...

I am all for the garden! And Crappy Tire for that matter. Speaking of which I have a mittfull of Crappy Tire money to burn.. Hmm..