Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter in Melville

Went to Melville for the weekend with my parents to visit my grandparents. It was just us for the weekend as they really aren't able to have the big get togethers anymore with their health problems. Talked alot about life and their plans for the future and stuff.

They're also trying to get rid of alot of things in their house that they don't want to move to the apartment when they go. Grandpa gave me a huge stack of astronomy and space books (which I was really into as a kid) and told me to come back in a little while and take his telescope, which is an impressive peice of equipment. Although I've gotten totally out of touch with astronomy and space, I have kept my eye on the big space news items and I'm sure I'll get plenty of good use out of that telescope... if only to spy on sexy neighbours ;). But seriously there are a few big time space events coming up in the coming years that will be great to check out with the telescope. Now I need to re-familiarize myself with the basics.

Grandpa and Grandma were also trying to give me their old electric organ which from a musical point of view, I'd love to have, but I'm not sure I have the room. I'll just wait patiently for a bit, and maybe I get a bigger place, then I'll take it. Mom and Dad both said they'd take it at their place until I could find a place for it, so we'll see... it seems like alot.

Been dealing with some guilt issues with taking this stuff. I know they want it out of their life and are happy to see their family enjoying it, but I'm taking peices of their lives away, and profiting from their misfortune. I suppose it's better than losing this stuff in an auction sale, but it still doesn't seem right.


Soulfood said...

I'm sure grandpa would love to come visit and spy on Mr. Tremblay and Mrs. Plemel with you.

Pilon, A said...

I want the organ!!!!! Bastard!

Binns said...

It's not just profiting on misfortune. Elderly people like to pass on tangible items so you have something in your life to remember them through when they are gone.