Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another Boring Rainy Day

Yep.... just a dull boring rainy day in Weyburn. Luckly I got called into work early today, so my boredom will be satiated.

Got to Gannon's tower (last level) in Zelda last night so barring any severe hand injuries, I should be done in the next few days.

Still no movement in the garden yet. Sat outside and screamed GROW at it for about 20 minutes untill one of the neighbours decided to stop telling me to shut up and just hit me with a shovel. They seemed awful upset that I woke them up at 2AM, but they had ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to dump me in a culvert north of down. Fucking ingrates... they don't get any fresh herbs this summer. Or lettuce either.

I managed to sex/mom joke my brother today without even hinting that I was the one doing the deed. I think it really was a triumph among "I screwed your mom" jokes. I should be knighted... no sainted.


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You gotta tell us how you set him up??