Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Things I Realized tonight

1. I'd hate to be a coach in the NHL this year. I think only Gretzky is safe from the axe this year.

2. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has a fucking screw loose and had better watch his mouth or he'll be watching his castle melt under a mushroom cloud in a couple months. Now I don't love violence, hell I don't even condone it, but I know the United States. They're high strung, they're loosing an unpopular war, they've got another nation threatening nuclear war and you come along spreading bulllshit, someone is gonna snap and push the button. You are playing a game of fucking Russian roulette with the only nation in history to use nuclear weapons (a Weapon of Mass Destruction) on another nation. SMARTEN UP, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A NUCLEAR ATTACK IN MY LIFETIME, EVEN HALF A WORLD AWAY.


3. Rich people need to dummy the fuck up. Read this to see what I mean. My GOD. I mean there are children STARVING TO DEATH in your own country and you ADD ANOTHER 30 FEET TO YOUR YACHT!. Wow. Sometimes I feel guilty for buying a case of beer to just keep in the fridge. I feel empoverished now.

4. Tommorrow marks the 20th anniversay of the Chernobyl Explosion which has disaster stricken the Ukraine, at the time a member of the USSR. The side effects from that disaster could potentially be felt for the next 20,000 years. Everyday my government and the government of many countries around the world allow for the production of power using nuclear energy, who's radioactive byproduct while emission free leaves a deadly solid waste for thousands of years. An amazing photo-documentary called "nuclear NIGHTMARES" that I viewed HERE last night really shows what we, mankind have done to ourselves. I think we need to step up to the plate and get some real work done out here. People, global warming presents more threat to Americans and mankind in general than terrorism.

5. I'm really anti-nuke tonight.

6. I feel sorry for this guy.

7. Tool's new album is just MAD good. AHHH! --- um I mean... I can't wait 'till it's out, the SINGLE is MAD good... yeah.... I'm gonna buy it, serious.

8. Regina, you made FARK! Good Article too.

9. This is some cool shit.

10. Anyone remember Pog? What the hell was up with that? Why did I and millions of others get sucked into that. Yikes, thanks for the brainwash!


Pilon, A said...

I have no real problem with Nuclear Power other than the waste after it's used up. If we can get rid of that then we will be good. And you can't talk about meltdowns being bad for the environment because neither is damming a river and flooding a bunch of the forest. Meltdowns don't happen very often compared to the amount of Plants.

Soulfood said...

You guys are dumb. Nuclear power is GOOD. Saskatchewan is the number one supplier of Uranium in the world. No nuclear power...no jobs. We NEED nuclear power.

David Roman said...

profits over people? Does anyone remember that Dirtbred Classic?

domestikus said...

Hot issue around my house. The roomies' dad is a nuclear chemist who studies nuclear waste management. So I'm not allowed to say anything bad out loud about nuclear power, but my actual feelings on it are a bit contrary. Right now we are in a period of studying and observing nuclear power. Keeping a close eye on it as it were. And hopefully developing ways to make it "safer." However as someone recently noted to me, nuclear power, like many other things, will NEVER be safe. No matter how many safeguards you put on it, the potential for large scale disaster is always there. If something goes wrong at a coal plant, a hundred or so workers might die. If a nuclear meltdown occurs, which as Andrew points out is much rarer than people like to believe, the results might effect animal and plant life, especially human life around the world. So until there are doubly redundantly redundant safeguards in place and overdone monitoring and regulations in place, (which as stated earlier will never make it safe) no more nuclear plants should be built. There I said it. On the other hand, its potential for energy production re: input vs. output are incredible. If only we could harness it properly.