Monday, April 03, 2006

I thought about not posting this

Ok, I'm aware that I'm online. I've found out in the year and a bit that I've been blogging that my site can be Googl'd, people link to me, people pass my page on to others. So I'm fully aware that the following post might be seen by the people I'm talking about. If so, well so be it, these things need to be said.

Last night I went to a show in town at the "Old CO-OP" now "Paradise Market". Although I've exited the scene in town and my type of music really isn't being done, I still like to support the arts, especially this type because hey, no one else will. So when my old pal Rob called and said there was a show, I was there.

I'm gonna start with the second act. I'm not even sure what they were called. They were very hardcore and well I think they did a decent job. I have nothing bad to say. Maybe not my scene, but competent and good. Whoever you guys were, good job, keep it up.

The last band, I didn't even stay for. Why? Read the following about the opening act.

The opening act was by one Mike Froh (if he Googles himself, he has now found this post). It was shit to the worst degree. Oh the music was ok. Again, not my scene, but definetly well built. Where I have issue is his over-inflated ego and appaling unprofessionalism. For someone who has been playing for so long and who made no compromise to say that he was fresh off tour about sixty time, he sure doesn't know how to perform. Between the constant bragging about his success (and by the way, alot of fucking people have been on tour, I don't know the name of your goddamn band so how good can you be), his forgetting a song and actually STOPPING and asking the crowd for the words, starting a song with a guitar that wasn't tuned (hint : tune before you hit the stage, I've played with 12 year olds that know this little tidbit) or just his total unpreparedness, made it quite possibly the worst single performance I've ever seen. I left before his other band, the headliners played because I couldn't stand to see him again. He did this dedication towards the end of his set to a young girl who had passed that was so goddamn insincere that I felt sorry for the girl because her memory was being whored for false sympathy. Jesus it was the worst fucking thing. It makes me feel better about playing in a cover band because at least we're unpretentious and fun. If it's the best we can do, so be it, we're not full of shit. Mike Froh, your solo shit was THE worst show I've ever seen, and I've seen my share.

On the plus side, I know I'll approach all my shows better after seeing that. I've never seen someone lose a crowd so effectively. If I do the opposite of him, I should be set.


Pilon, A said...

His other band was much better. A Lot like the second band but not as heavy and with a little more singing, and most of the sining was not done by Mike.

Soulfood said...

Consider this to be constructive criticism. He'll be glad to find this post when he googles himself.

soop said...

keep your eye out for the upcoming press release into the idea to construct a 60 foot tall statue of Brad Johner...

Due to Brad Johners commitment to Saskatchewan and its communities a fitting tribute has been decided upon. Although community sites to begin construction are still being debated the idea is gathering steam. The effigy will be approximately 62.5 feet tall, it's going to be constructed out of paper mache and then finger painted by the school children of saskatchewan before it goes on display in one of our local rural communities (apparently estevan is leading the charge) ... I Can't wait until I can look towards my horizon and see a shimmering image of brad johner.

Community leaders have been quoted as saying "Hey some communities have the largest tomato, or peanut or moose ... we have the Largest Johner Brother"

Artists Conceptual Image

Binns said...

What it sounds like, is that Weyburn has spawned another Chris Hillstead.