Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm Giggling My ass off

So at the Movie Factory, one of the things I do alot of is promotional design work. The webpage, promotional posters, ads and stuff like that. Corey gets some cheap design work and I get to flex my design muscles and practice using The Gimp, which is a free, open source alternative to Photoshop (Not as easy to use, but definetly as powerful).

Well today I had to come up with something to promote our 2 movies for $20 deal. I'm fairly proud of the results :

The caption/tag line will of course read "I Can't Believe My Eyes! 2 Movies for $20!"

Well I think it's entertaining.


Janine said...

those lazer eyes are spooooky!

Soulfood said...

Giggling??? Yes, you are the most pathetic 24 year old heterosexual man alive.

Danny said...

Sweet Deal