Sunday, August 20, 2006

Zombies Again!

Crap... another mention in the press... the zombies are at it again. I'm starting to think all that 666 crap I was reporting on last year and earlier this year might have been a sign of this coming. Forget the HIV/AIDS conference in Toronto, I think we have a far more pressing matter to attend to.


Pilon, A said...

Get your paws off me you dirty zombies.

He can talk, he can talk, he can talk.


Rememer your training people.

domestikus said...

Luckily for humanity, the BBC article you listed in July about the Cambodian zombie outbreak was a hoax:

Click here for Snopes debunking

Some clever devil used the BBC code to make it look like a legit story, but if you read the article you can tell it wasn't written by a journalist, let alone a British one.

Ah keeps us all on our toes though.

Danny said...

I suppose none of you watched Shaun of the dead liek I told you. Well I don't no if there is any time left for you but watch it. It's British.

Danny said...

How do you become a Zombie. Cuz I'm alittle worried here. Shaun of the Dead didn't really cover that.

Pilot said...

Hey Mark, duh!