Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stupid MySpace

Great! I've been on MySpace for what... 12 hours and I hate it.

No seriously.

Ok so I started a personal account, then my bro tells me if I want to upload music, I'll have to start a band account... ok 17 steps later, I've cancelled my personal account, and started a band account.
Try and get some pics up... no problem as long as they're smaller than say a postage stamp... while every other online portal on the web today can take a large file and shrink it, apparantly MySpace hasn't reached that level of sophistication. Fine whatever, I've got Gimp.

Then it's time to give the place a new paint job, maybe rearrange some furniture. Either I'm too awesome or they suck... I can't figure this shit out. I'm gonna go with the they suck part, because frankly, I'm not that bright. But no matter, the thing still works, and most customized MySpace pages look like design throwbacks from 1997.

Finally (and here's the part where I get homicidal), I try and upload music. The music I'm putting up is of the "Jam Band" genre, which of course means a runtime somewhere around the length of a mideast conflict. And now I know why MySpace is a haven for emo-kids. Emo is the only current indy music where the songs are less than say a minute and a half long. So now I have to go and try and find a short clip in an otherwise fine song so I can post on MySpace.

I tell you, it's enough to make me quit.


domestikus said...

I hear you man. I went through the whole same thing with the personal vs. music thing. I think Tom has some serious issues with his site. Aesthetically it's closer to vomit than a webpage. I agree. But hey that's our beloved myspace. Welcome to the club that everyone is now legally obligated to be a part of.

Soulfood said...


I can't believe you're jumping on a bandwagon that I'm not. And I'm not going to in the future.

Pilon, A said...

I found one called MPeria that is a lot like myspace only you can't edit your page looks and it is strictly for bands. You can uplaod as much music as you like and you can sell it online as well. Oligodendroglia has an account there.

Pilot said...

Far out.