Thursday, August 03, 2006

Make your point in the first 150 words.

I know this is hard to do, but this day and age, if you want someone to read your writing, be it in blog, letter or whatever form. GET TO THE FUCKING POINT!

Go ahead and elaborate afterwards, but to begin with make sure the people want to read, capture their attention, then move on. I don't like reading RSS feeds or even regularily visited blogs and have to be bored for half an hour just to find out it was only a hangnail.

Thanks for your time. (The less the better).


Pilon, A said...

So, if I gather this correctly, you want more people to ramble on and on about nothing in a blog for as long as possible.

Saskboy said...

You're right, writing needs to be righted, before someone reads themselves to death. Won't somebody please think of the children's eyes!

Soulfood said...

Look, it's my blog and I'll do whatever the fuck I want to with it. If I want to ramble on, I will!! You're welcome to stop reading at any point.

Pilot said...

I love how people see what they want to see. Soulfood, I beleive the part where I say "If you want people to read your writing" should make your comment null and void. If you don't want people to read your blog then go right ahead.

Mostly this stems back to Steve (Blogginator)'s long and mosly boring rants. It's an old entry I'd had in my archive that I hadn't posted.

Soulfood said...

Ever notice how Steve of Blogginator has waaaaay more comments than all of us every time he writes a post, regardless of how long it is. It's crazy long and most of it doesn't make sense, but people still read it.

Life Ruiner's Anonymous said...

During my last burn I said that the whole point of a blog is that it's somebody's podium, somebody wants to say 10,000 words about whatever they want. Tough shit if you don't have time, or if the whole point of it means nothing to you. If I want to blog about my hangnail, dammit I'm gonna take the longest way possible to do it, just in SPITE of you.

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