Monday, August 14, 2006

"Blogger Joining the 21st century?" or "Wave the White Flag!"

Ok OK, I know, it's not THAT bad, but it's about time. Blogger has been lagging behind the rest of the Blogosphere in features and services for about 2 years now. But there's a new "Blogger Beta" availiable right now, so here's hoping that it's going to be a good thing.

In other news, the terrorists have won, people required to be naked and shaved to fly on an airplane. But seriously, we've got to dummy up, this is exactly the way the terrorists want us to react. I think it's time we started to re-think our approach to this before we're sedated before getting on the plane. It's so bad that musicians can't even take priceless instuments on board, submitting them to the careless treatment of airport staff and the merciless temperature and humidity conditions of a cargo hold.

So no music and no water... yep sounds like the Nazis to me.


Demoncrush said...

ok I have a few suggestions to the whole flying thing...they arn't good by any stretch, but I like them...
1. I like the sedation method, they have all those bloody oxygen masks anyways, so why not have everyone strap them on and put Nitrous oxide through the lines. Trips would go faster for people everyone would be happy, and it's hard to be angry and violent when you're happy.
2. Zepplins....why not? With the technology available an Atlantic crossing would only take a few hours more than by jet. It's pretty hard to crash one of those into a building or blow one up seeing as how it would be inflated with helium (inert gas). There's a diabolical terrorist plot, diverting gas and causing everyone to talk like a chipmunk.

Saskboy said...

Great ideas to solve it. Although the first is a bit poisonous.

That music story was one I expected. That's what happen when you rush changest like this and let the terrorists win.