Friday, August 18, 2006

You know, of late I've been thinking alot about death...

.... not in a negative way, mind you, but certainly a morbid subject.

Questions I've pondered (answers in italics) :
- Where would I like to be buried?
- The moon.. though in orbit around Saturn might be nice....

- What songs would I liked played at my funeral?
- "Brickhouse" by The Commodores

- What would you do if everyone you knew died and the world was mostly destroyed and there were like 1 in 1000 people surviving all like from "The Stand" or "Mad Max", or maybe like killer zombies that do the whole "They bite you then you turn into one" schtick?
- Likely I'd cry for about three weeks then I'd stock up on porn and Cheetos and make the most of it.

- Coffin or urn?
- Coffin, and it should be a large black one... I'd like to be buried standing up should I be placed on the moon... if in orbit around Saturn, preferably in alignment with other moons or plantets... at least on days of reckoning I should be in line.

- Would you like to be frozen in case you could be healed/cured?
- No, thanks. I plan to die of sexual exhaustion, and really I'd like that to be on my epitaph... "Died doing what (and who) he loved". I'd gladly die and stay dead.

- I don't have "Brickhouse"? Since I wouldn't spend actual money on your funeral... what should I do?
- It's on my computer... I'll let you borrow a blank CD to burn a copy of it for the funeral. Password to get on the thing is "HelloKitty"

- Open Bar?
- Sure

- Best Method of Suicide?
- Ok this one is complicated... and somehow related to that freezing question. The trick would be to find a partner as suicidal but also as showy as you. Go parachuting together, strip naked... well you get the picture... the idea would be to climax as you hit the ground. Morbid? Yes. Perverted? Certainly. BUT WHAT A WAY TO GO!

- Is there an afterlife?
- I certainly hope so, because I got a coupon from some guy on the street for "One Free Hug From Jesus".. as opposed to a "Jesus Hug"

- Who's going to die first, Gerald Ford or Fidel Castro?
- Ford


Soulfood said...

Go Fidel!!!

And Brickhouse?? Really???

And I would totally want to be frozen!! That would be so cool.

MP said... need a hobby, perhaps you should start contemplating how I can be debt free or how to end war, you know something slightly more much as I want to picture anyone wanting to touch my brother much less have him die on them in the middle of sex....I mean can you imagine the counselling?!!!!!!!!!!

And speaking of Zombies...there is a new video game for Xbox where you have to kill zombies and make sure you're stocked up on food and the like (well I just heard about it so it's new to me...maybe it's like 10 years old but it was on a commercial so I'm going with new) anyway I'm thinking Andrew christmas present...he'd go nuts!!!

Soulfood said...

Good work. Andrew reads this you know!! You just gave away the answer to his Christmas present.

(I'm getting him a training bra)

Pilon, A said...

I thought you never bought me games Michelle. Plus I don't want any, 'll have other things to concentrate on.