Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SO the time has come

Well here I am, impatiently waiting to leave. In 1/2 hour I'll be in Jon's car, headed to Regina, then Calgary, then Utopia, then Esterhazy.

I had the wonderful pleasure last night of doing something I didn't think I'd get the chance to do again. I got to sit down with Dave and write a song. Sure he'd already written much of it, but we put the rest together and played it a few times. It's a procession song for his wedding that he's written for his fiancee. It's a beautiful song, I hope we pull it off flawlessly at the wedding, just so it's perfect for Amanda. Everybody better be crying after this number (though it's pretty uplifting, so probably sporting wood would be more apt). I was also afforded the chance to write in a genre I've only played before, worship or "church" music. Any of you that played guitar in a church choir will laugh at how cheesily derivative of that genre it is. Gimme a break, we had 2 hours.

But other than that I'm packed and ready for Tool and the wedding! Maybe I'll post while I'm away. LATER YO!


Radio Girlie said...

Bootsie is it ok that she ate some beets?

Soulfood said...

As long as she doesn't poop red, she's probably ok. Of course, I know nothing about dogs, so I'm just assuming. Maybe it's ok if she poops red.