Friday, August 11, 2006

And some paperwork...

Hey all, just did a little bit o' blog maintenance. Cleaned up some links in my blogroll, if you want back on, just ask.

Also added a new link to the webpage of an old pal and great magician, Richard Roy. Check him out!

Finally, I've added a few new parts to the Pilot's World Network. I've got my previously mentioned Photography Blog up, a new MySpace account where I will concentrate my music work, and the webpage of the band I'm in Old Skool.

I'm gonna try and get rid of the ads in the coming days too.. I've made a mere $5 in 8 months. Boourns to that.

EDIT - Almost forgot another peice of paperwork, Lance is planning a SaskBlogger meet on the 19th in Saskatoon. I won't be there alas, as I am busy that weekend, but if you wanna check out what it's about head over to

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