Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spiffin up...

Well this old blog is rapidly approaching two more major milestones. In 19 posts I will have made 500 posts on this blog alone. And in about 3 months, the blog that the creator never beleived would last a day will turn 2 years old.

What does this all mean? Well everytime I get ansty and want to redesign the page I just realize how satisfied I am with this look. So I'm gonna just polish up the look a bit over the next while. I'll play around with some more graphically interesting stuff, maybe a new font but the basic look and the girls will remain.

On that note, the SaskBloggers now have a Vargas girl. I added her tonight, over there near the bottom. I gave her some tiger lilies to hold on to so she looks like she's from Saskatchewan... I could have as easily put someone getting gouged on a crown owned utility bill or perhaps have her suffering the fate of a second rate football team. OUCH. But seriously, I love Saskatachewan.

I moved the Movie Factory webpage out of the "Pilot World Network" and into the sort of Sub-Network. Should have probably been there all along, but now that I don't work there, it should be a little more separated, even though I still do critical maintenance to the page.

I plan to add a few more links as well ... get this place interesting again... like when it had that Queen album with my head on it ... stuff was more flashy then!

Oh and finally a negative change. I had quietly removed the word verification to see if I could go without. And for a few months, the page was quiet. But the spam has picked up again and I don't really have alot of time to spend deleting it. So I'm afraid the word verification goes back up. Sorry folks, a necessary evil of Web 2.0.


Danny said...

looking pretty spiffy man

Soulfood said...

I like the new header, but I don't know what the word in red is. "Now with new ...." Look like return or retin (if that's a word).

Pilot said...

"Now with Retsin"

It makes Lifesavers 2 Mints in 1. You might be a bit young for that joke