Monday, August 21, 2006

Untitled - The Blog

Over the past four or five years I've been delighted to learn of an angle that has developed in my litte sister, Shanna (Hecticity, the one with the impossible to pronounce name). The is a very fun conservative to debate. I know alot of Conservatives and most times when I talk to them about politics, I leave angry and annoyed, and very often insulted. Shanna is delightfuly refreshing in that she is very well read in the political scene, and world news scene, typically well argued and she can concede a point. Add to that when she ribs in debate, it's in jest not in insult. I think (hope) that she feels the same way about me, arguing the liberal side of the debate.

Shanna and I have for a short while been slowly chipping away at a political debate blog. One of us posts a topic (typically so far National politics, but not limited to), posts our opinions or observations and then debate follows in the comments.

The blog is called Untitled (We couldn't even agree on a title). It's at We don't post too often and we aren't always diligent in the debate portion, but hey we state some opinions and if one of us feels strongly enough (or brave enough) to debate, then we do. I'm beating her on posts right now...

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Soulfood said...

You may have more posts, but my posts have more words than your posts have!!! It's called ANALYSIS.