Monday, August 21, 2006

Holy Crap, they fired Shivers

So for the first time in like a month I actually picked up the phone to call my mom. Why? Because the Riders fired GM, Roy Shivers.

I saw it coming, but not this soon!


Kendra said...

Hi my fellow Roughrider fan... I can't believe it either... its hard to say what the true reason is... but some how it was a stupid move... Will they bring in someone who can get the team back to the number 1 spot... like so many years ago... or are they going to bring someone in who will do worse! My heart goes out to my HUGE hero's in SK... I MISS HOME!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Rider's have like at least 5 seasons of work ahead of them if they wanna contend for anything besides the basement. This is assuming they improve.

C.D. said...

I say about damn time. Seven years of mediocrity is enough...just please please please dont hire Eric Tillman!

Soulfood said...

Who else are they going to hire?? Have you heard of anyone else they're even considering???

Sorry to say, the likelyhood of Tillman is pretty high.