Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A swing and a miss

Nope, no good, guess she's not as availiable as I thought... oh well... next.


Darth Fudge said...

Hell, all that matters is you took the initiative. I've been out of blogging(and msn) for a bit, but I still trust you can find and snag another.

Also, if you play with WMD and get shows lined up... my band would appreciate it. We're trying to wrangle up our own shows, but we want as many as possible before the summer ends.

In closing: =D

Michelle said...

Oh well, girls are nothing but trouble anyway. Someone once told me that you have to figure out yourself and what you want before you can totally commit to someone else and as I move on in my old age I'm starting to think that is very very true! Man, I'm having a serious..back in the day...when I was young...week. Someone shoot me!

Janine said...

Can't hit a homerun if you don't swing the bat the odd time! Better luck next time ;)

Radio Girlie said... need to come and drink some beer with us...

as for girls...we're unpredictable, high maintanence and much TOO much work.

Besides, you should enjoy life in the fast lane....come and go as you please and not worry about what anyone (except Bootsie) is going to think.

btw..i blogged!!

Come see me soon!