Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Started the Ball Rolling

Yikes. Never thought this day would come. Actually got the ball rolling on asking out that girl I was talking about yesterday. Working on the introduction right now.... here's hoping everything else is in place... if not well I'll just drink alot or something. You know whatever works.

Had a decent day today. Started getting bummed out then kinda did the empowere thing and said "FUCK NO!" If I keep letting the past control me, I'll never move on. I have to accept what is here now, and work to change what I can (holy crap ain't that some 12 step shit?) Anyways, I'm working on it.

In other news... I really don't have any... but I've sent some e-mail and have been doing some stuff, so maybe in the coming days I will have some news. Who knows.


David Roman said...

So I guess my brother got your job at the Movie Factory. So much for his priorities, like playing in WMD and sitting on his PS2.

Movie Factory said...

Sorry Dave, actually he is interviewing for a part time job tonight...we've got 18 other interviews lined up as well.