Monday, May 22, 2006


Well... what a weekend. I really can't beleive it's Monday and I'm not dead. Honestly.

So worked Saturday, got home, ran to Murray's to help load, came home quick, shat, showered, shaved and got ready. Rolled out to Stoughton. Got to the Legion there where we were greeted by some guy who really needed to get our picture right then. If you ever see those pictures, I'm still tying my tie in them. Real professional.

So we had a quick beer, set up, did a few songs as a soundcheck and ran to the bar for the steaks and beer that Murray had been talking about all week. Alfredo decided before we got to the bar that the barmaid was likely to be in some trouble if the kitchen was closed. The kitchen was closed. Well we had to drag the little guy off that poor girl, but luckly Murray knows how to read and noticed that we could cook our own steaks at the bar (welcome to Saskatchewan... what'd I say about redknecks?). So Linda (with a "Y") cooked us some great steaks (thanks!) and we were full of beef for the show.

We walked in to 7500 floating cowboy hats. The place looked like a fuckin George Straight Impersonator Conference. Luckily, they enjoyed the music and the booze (4 - 40 oz bottles in a half hour to be precice). Once we got good and warmed up we had a great time too. The band will be paying a dear price for throwing 5 or 6 new songs into the set list that I'd never played before. Linda (with a "Y") even SPECIFICALLY TOLD ME at the last jam that we "don't do the Elvis songs." Who did Blue Suede Shoes? Oh yeah Roy Orbison.... yeesh! But it all went great, I had a great time and I can't wait for the next gig (a home town charity gig at the Cancer Society Relay for Life).

So after the show I got home at an early 4 AM and was at work promptly at 7 AM. Get home, catch a nap and the phone rings "I'll be there in 20 minutes, we're going to go party in Carlyle". Thanks Steph. Needless to say, keeping awake on the car ride home last night was a little challenging.

But here it is, Monday. Gonna call some friends, clean some house and maybe, just maybe walk my dog.


Dyva said...

Actually, Murray can't read, I was the one who found out that we could cook our own....that's probably why I got to smell like I had put A-1 sauce behind my ears....and you're welcome...As for Elvis...I said I was sorry, dammit! But I can't say it will never happen again...It was a blast...I'm hitting the Sally Ann for a new Gig outfit!

Anonymous said...

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