Sunday, May 07, 2006

Feelin' Fine

Not that that might not change tommorrow... but today I feel fine... even though I was throwing up at 2:10 this afternoon.

Now, I know how delicate these good days can be. I used to work with this just chronically depressed gal and she'd come into work all smiles and bright eyed, "I'm having a good day" she'd say. Ten minutes later, she'd be in the staff room in tears... no real reason that I could see. So we'll tread lightly ok?

One of the reasons I was feeling so much better today is that I somehow got someone else in my head. She doesn't know I'm interested, and frankly I'm not even totally sure she knows who I am, but just having that to think about you know like "how can I introduce myself" and the whole..."how compatible would we be" was enough to keep my mind off that which was depressing me, and positive enough to make me feel a little better.

Now I suppose you're wondering why I was throwing up? And how the hell could that be part of a good day? Well, I'll tell ya. Michelle brought back some Cuban cigars from Mexico (of all places) so her, Andrew and I sat on the back porch of mom and dad's and smoked e'm. Tobbacco is notorious for making me ill, I love the taste and smell, but it don't like me. Oh well.

What else? What else? Well, I've been listening to 10,000 Days at work on the PA after closing. Now if you haven't had the chance to listen to Tool blaring over a pool PA, well you just suck. Not only is the album crazy good, it's pretty wild in a facility like that.

Now I'm gonna go make myself some KD.


Danny said...

Good for you. That's great that puking makes you feel good. I guess your one in a million

Pilon, A said...

ok, SO, I was just at the Tool site...somehow the pictures of the band form a puzzle..not sure how, hey wouldn''t say but that just makes it even fucking crazier!

David Roman said...

I'll be home soon, don't worry Jeremy. Then you won't have to be so lonely on Fridays.

Michelle said...

mm cuban cigars...yummy...
and who cares where they're from you got one be happy :-)

So who's the girl...hmhmhm hmhmhmmm~!!!!
Please tell me it's not Dave cause really we've been through that discussion about the whole friday thing plus now he's taken so you gotta keep your hands off.