Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Musical Changes

So as I'm sure you've surmised from my blog entries of the past couple monts, I've been putting alot of work into my music. Music has always quite naturally been an antidepressant and therapy for me. So I've quite naturally moved to a more musical path. Several things I have on the go or desire to start doing include :

- New use of effects. Just bought a kick ass Beringer bass effects processor. It's got a shitload of effects and is rack mounted. Hoping it will really improve and change my style. I know... I finally went digital. But for the cost of this studio quality setup, I would have 2 more pedals. Pretty easy choice.

- Signifigant change in setup - With the switch to effects, I've also decided to finally do a long overdue overhaul of my setup and gear. In the audio sense, I'll be reworking my amp, in conjunction with the effects and making some physical changes to my guitar to make it sound better (bridge replacement likely), In the physical, I'll be switching to a new rack case. Although I bougt one today, it's one rack space too small for my gear. The winning rack will feature a full hard cover setup and wheels. I will also be organizing, cleaning and updating my gig box. It will now include more tools, first aid supplies, stationary supplies in addition to extra cords and my metronome. Since I no longer will have need for my pedals, they will come out of the box. This should all make my gear easier to use and transport.

- Work with Old Skool - we have a webpage being built, more shows coming up and I'm working harder on songs to improve my playing. I've also been singing more and am considering approaching the band with the idea of doing originals (and since some of the members read this ... waddya think?) We curretly do only Covers.

- WMD - Although I haven't started this one yet, I'm stoked to start. Planning on perhaps calling Dave and Vic tommorrow night to start working on it. Originals ...prog metal.

- "Rob"ject - Linger guitarist Rob has agreed to work on a body of work with me. Original Experimental, Heavy shit.

- The Winnipeg Project - Dulcet/Kleinbottle guitarist Mark, Linger guitarist Rob and I are planning on a weekend in Winnipeg to work on an album in a weekend project that we've had on the backburner for oh... 3 years. Mark wants to get started in the next couple weeks. Original Jam Band stuff.

- Acoustic Duet Project - I've got a few female singer/guitarists in mind that I would like to do one timer or even semi-regualr coffee house acoustic shows with. I've already dropped a hint to one person, another and I had discussed something of the sort like almost a year ago and the last will have no idea. Original material and covers

- "Scott"ject - Talked very breifly to Scott about this. Tried to connect it with the "Rob"ject... not sure if it's gonna take tho. Should be heavy, experimental Originals

- Dulcet Reunion - this one keeps coming back to me. But I was recently contacted by former Dulcet drummer, Trevor about doing a quick one night reunion thing. I'm pretty warm to the idea. Usually did covers, but we had some great arrangements and we might hit some of our very few originals. I know I wouldn't mind trying "SOS (Untitled #2)", "Perfect Eggnog", "Ditch the Bitch" or "The Environment Song" again.

- Totally new and much improved warmup/practice routine. I'd like to build a structured warmup and also a structured practice routine that would allow me to improve the songs I know, increase my technical knowledge and enhance the amount I play. I've already gotten well into the planning stages with cards printed and structures sketched out.

- Studio - I want to build a practice / demoing studio. I may have to build it in my current place simply so I can afford it and I can keep the dog. But I would like a bigger apartment and a dedicated room.

- Students - I would like to begin taking students in the fall. Again, this poses some difficulties in finding teaching space (perhaps I could offer them through Cleo... hmm).(Jeez that just got me thinking of doing a whole STUDIO there... hmm).

- "Frankenamp" Rebuild - This one is finally coming to light. Something I've had on my mind for a long time was to gut this old amp. put the electronics in a nice new cabinet, put a new speaker in and use it for acoustic gigs and a practice amp.

- Change the strings on my bass and acoustic (well I'm GONNA).

- And sorta finally, the big one. I'd like to start hand building a band that has a certain set of attributes that I like... a band that I would term "Perfect". Naturally, I think all the preceeding projects are leading to this, and I just like the idea of having an ultimate goal to reach. I've got it envisioned... perhaps I'll put it down in writing.

So there we go. I've got a few other things in mind, but I'm not too sure how much of it I'm really gonna do yet. Also, I've got to get more stuff up on the Rechargeable Future page, which is slow, but still running, it's a project I don't want to ignore, life has just got into the way recently.


Binns said...

Doesn't look like I'm "perfect" enough to be in the band. Well, I'll just start my own band and we'll rumble outside behind the monkey bars.

Joking aside, it's good to see you get back into playing more. Not that I'm into the whole theraputic art deal, but you gotta admit that it is relaxing and takes your mind away from the world for awhile.

Soulfood said...

I have so many comments I don't know where to start.

Firstly, thanx for asking, but I'm going to pass on the whole duet thing. I know I just kick ass...but I'm just not in the mood.

Secondly, I don't know what half the stuff you were talking about meant, so I just skipped it. Don't feel badly.

Thirdly, you should take me to Winnipeg with you. I won't be bothersome. I'll just get my own hotel room and go sightseeing and we'll only see each other when you drop me off and pick me up.

Fourthly, you can teach in mom and dad's house. They let Michelle. That opened the door. Now they can't refuse any of the rest of us. You can use the boy's room once he leaves.

Fifthly, the one guy from Sum 41 just quit the band...maybe he'd like to be in your perfect band.

And that's about all for now I think.

Pilon, A said...


Life Ruiner's Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say it's all grand and I WISH I had enough time to play twenty times a day and improve myself too!! Have you ever seen the movie Rock Star? You know what happens when some idiot wants to play originals... they kick him out and he replaces the homo lead singer of a metal trash band.

You go Jeremy.

Shock1156 said...

Obviously, the perfect band remark was directed towards me and our vision of a Derek Smallsesque all bass band. Kyle is in, now all we need is some double necks and we can start booking gigs!

Life Ruiner's Anonymous said...

Do ya wanna busk at Cathedral Arts Festival on Saturday?? There is a street festival going on that day... I bet we could rake in a whole ten dollars or something - it would buy beer.

mp said...

The only reason mom and dad let me teach there was cause I was living there and me and my students are prostars unlike some people :p Secondly I agree that music is relaxing but keep in mind the more serious you get the less relaxing and therapeutic it is. Thirdly kick shanna off Jeremy Idol she'll suck ass.

domestikus said...

Dulcet reunion? I never heard about this. And by the way, it's "Bitch the Bitch"


Dyva said...

I dunno Jeremy, seems to me you had better read the fine print on your Exclusive multi-beer contract with O.S. I believe after the fourth pitcher at the Weyburn Inn that night the deal was sealed....Unless, of course, we are part of your perfect vision????? Hmmmm?