Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What to do, What to say?

Well really have not much to blog about.

Got a crossover cable for getting the network up and running at home. I've now sucessfully screwed up my XP box to the point where I can't hook up to the internet. Luckly the Linux box still connects. I swear if I don't figure this out soon, I'm bringing in the pros.

Been kinda down the past couple days. Sometimes I think I'm just in constant denial. Denial of everything. Whatever the reason, I haven't had a very positive self-image.

That's about it. Dave, Amanda and Kristie were in town this weekend, it was nice to see them all. Gonna see more of Dave tonight and possibly in the coming days. Good to see them all again.


Pilon, A said...

I thought you hated Dave and wanted to go to war with him?? Or are you guys gonna call peace and end the war??

Matt/soop said...

Ok, now try this ...


It's for Ubuntu ... my personal distro of choice these days (especially on the desktop)

you need to basically config your nix box as a router which can prove toubling for your first time out, but there are enough howtos on it ... btw which distro you using? redhat?

If you have some problems drop me a line sysmatt@gmail.com

Danny said...

Dave's coming down?? Can we personally bomb him with snowballs and end this war?? Make that little bitch surrender.

Danny said...

Hey you didn't blog about your devil customer. Fine I guess I will but you should do a follow-up post.