Sunday, February 19, 2006


Ok so I'm working on the server right now. The problem to start being, I want to network my Windows XP box with this Linux box. I've got two ethernet cards in the Linux box, all hooked up and powered up, but no internet connection to the windows box. Ok no big deal, I figure I have some work to do, but I'll admit I'm having alot of trouble finding documentation on how to do this.

I am not nearly the nerd people say I am/I admit to being.

Oh well, keep plugging I guess.


Pilon, A said...


soop said...

2 words kinda 3 cross-over cable

if you're connecting your xp box into your *nix box you'll need a crossover cable for them to be able to umm relate to one another, then you may have to do a few things depending on your plans such as configging dhcp etc.

but fyi cheap routers make things easy



Danny said...

What the Fuck is the Internet??