Monday, February 20, 2006

An Experiment

I just had a cool idea for a blog related experiment. It would be used to examine the reach of my blog, not just through the regular readers but through degrees of separation.

I recently opened a new Google Mail account. I propose to publish here the name of that account (address) and the PASSWORD for that account and leave the rest to the community to play with. Will they send e-mails there? Will they sort them, delete them? How long until someone changes the password and its unavailiable for use anymore but by that person. Could it ever spring to life again?

I think that this has a infinity of directions it could go.

So here without further adieu is the address and the password... play nice.


ass2006 said...

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Binns said...

Sweet, I always wanted to know how to get some phentermine!

Oh, and expect some filth to be in that email account soon.

Danny said...

I can't decide whether to leave it alone as you aren't expecting that, or to use it for evil. Oh I bombed Dave, tired of his ass not blogging, if he blogs, maybe i'll stop.