Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My first Linux Post!

Yep... I've now covered all the major operating systems posting a blog entry. I've worked with Linux to some degree before, but never since I started doing Pilot's World.

What does this mean? This means if I can figure out what the hell I'm doing with my modem, the server could be up in the next week. That means 20Gb of unhindered mayhem!

Now I've had some interest from some to hitch a ride on the server. Probably could be arranged... especially for favours. I'm not looking for much, I will need donations in the not too distant future of things like RAM, Hard Drives and the like. Funds to pay for my bandwidth would be nice too... we'll work all that out though. Let's get the server running first eh?

Well that's enough for now. I wanna see if I can run two computers on my modem without the need for a freaking router... I have two options I can see. One is there is a USB and an Ethernet connection on the modem... can I use one of each? The other option I know of is to put 2 ethernet cards into my server (the Linux machine) then run an extra ethernet cable to my Windows machine. I've never done this and I'll need to steal/borrow some ethernet cable to see if I can make it work. Failing that, I'm gonna need to steal a router from somewhere. Dammit.

Well wish me luck.


lance said...

Go with the second NIC in a linux box. Not only can it completely function as a router and bridge . . . it makes for a great firewall.


Binns said...

I agree with Lance. That's how Bill had me set up with my piece of crap server. But, from what I've heard, you can hook up both ethernet and USB connections off an Access modem.
I will be willing to do small favors for server space. I need a home for video right now.

David Roman said...

okay... good luck?

Danny said...

What the fuck is the internet??