Thursday, February 09, 2006

More Point form

  • Bootsy stepped on the remote when I was watching Falling Down last night. The number that came up on the screen? 666.
  • Been watching too much Star Wars at work lately. Think I'm rotting my brain.
  • This business thing is very unusual. It's amazing to see how I'm evolving and changing it day to day. There are alot of kinks to work on.
  • The movie Falling Down is AWESOME.
  • Next month is gonna be intense... eye surgery AND Queen. I'm gonna be a different person by this summer I think.


David Roman said...

star wars....rot the brain? blasphemy

Danny said...

666 your lil poopsie is a satanic demon dog from hell.

Pilon, A said...

The end is nigh.

Soulfood said...

Does Queen come BEFORE eye surgery??? Cause I think it had better.

Did Bootsy "fall down" when she stepped on the remote?? (yes, that's my hilarious pun on the movie title)

Hope it's helping you to get all your thought down a bit organized in the template I gave you.