Thursday, February 16, 2006

I really can't stay (but baby, its cold outside)

Ok so I walked to work today. I based the outside temp on a previous forecast of -22 Celsius and I dressed according to how I dress during most below twenty weather. I walked to work and FROZE MY ASS OFF. So I start thinking to myself "Christ boy, you've had too nice a winter, it's softened you." I'm fairly notorious for doing things like taking the garbage out during a blizzard barefoot with a T-Shirt on. So this disturbed me a bit.

I get to work and people are talking about -35 and -38. Well no wonder.


Binns said...

Getting off the bus and walking to my apt (1/2 a city block) the moisture on my eyelashes started freezing together. I hate winter. I hate it so very much.

David Roman said...

yah, I almost died walking to school today.....died!.....anyways, I'll be gracing you with my presence this weekend. See you Saturday!

Danny said...

Guess what? Colder tomorrow even.

domestikus said...

This might make you learn to love the cold. My boss had mentioned hearing about this on the radio and then trying it this morning. Based on his review I decided to try it myself. It's pretty fucking cool.

Take a jug of boiling water, go outside and toss it in the air (the water not the jug). It instantly sublimates and makes this ball of icy steam. Science is fun.

Try not to get any of the water on you. I hypothesise you'd explode.