Monday, December 05, 2005

Staff Picks - Dec 06, 05

Well folks we have made a breakthrough. Corey, one of the big bosses here at Movie Factory has agreed to review my staff pick commonalities and if they are sufficiently difficult he will award a free movie to the person who guesses it. This could be a limited time offer, but hey, we can have fun while we do it!

Dave got my staff pick link last week. It was of course homosexuality. Al Pachino's character in Dog Day Afternoon was robbing the bank to pay for his boyfirends sex change. In Deliverance ... well we all know about the.... incident. Connie and Carla is about two girls who work as a cross-dressing gay bar, pretending to be guys who dress up as girls. And Philadelphia is about a gay man who loses his job after his bosses discover he has AIDS.

This weeks is pretty hard. Corey didn't get the link on the first try, and it is pretty obscure, so chances are he'll approve it for the prize this week.

They are ;
- Thirteen Days
- From Russia With Love
- Farenhype 9/11
- Fog of War

Entries will be allowed in the comments of this blog entry, submitted to me or Corey Morrissette at the Movie Factory or at I'll post here in the next couple days id the prize is approved.


Soulfood said...

I don't know about the incident?? What happened!!??

And maybe this is a stupid question, or maybe it is legitimate. Is that supposed to be Farenhyte 9/11 or is there a movie called Farenhype 9/11 and I've just never heard of it, in which case, I'm screwed for figuring out the connection??


Pilot said...

There is a movie called FarenHYPE 9/11. It basically tears down Michael Moore and his work on Farenheit 9/11.

Yes, you're screwed and so is everyone else

Anonymous said...

Entries can also be submitted to