Saturday, December 24, 2005

A night too late

Stayed up later than I should have last night jamming with Mark, Rob and Kat. Pretty amazing jam ... definetly some cool shit happened. It realy opened my eyes to how much I limit my imagination and how little I've explored the tools on my computer.

Had an extra "participant" on hand that served as a constant distraction, think we'll be avoiding her for a bit.

So got offered a promotion and some other possible considerations at the Movie Factory. Hopes are that it will lead to my being able to leave the bung-hole of an establishment, the Inn. Feck I hate that place. But I guess it pays well.

And tommorrow is Christmas. Been wishing everyone a Merry Christmas as they come in... even if they seem like big tough "cool" guys. I figure if you're too cool for Christmas, you can go blow ... something... ,... yeah.

Anyways, have a great Christmas, and maybe, just maybe I'll post a Christmas message tommorrow. I promise that if I do, I'll be drunk while I do it.

1 comment:

Pilon, A said...

hehehehe...I know who it is.....She is annoying....kinda creeps me out.