Monday, December 19, 2005


Needless to say I don't really feel like blogging. Frankly I wanna take a short walk off a tall building. But we're not gonna let that happen.

So whilst I wallow in my self-pity, perhaps you'd all like to check out some new blogs.

First off comes Kristie T (or KT as I call her). She's an old friend of mine who finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon. Her site, Kristie T's Memoirs is availiable for your review at Go on by and leave her a message.

The other new blog on the block is Dave. No, not that Dave, another one. Dave and I used to work together at A&W and both just about got fired together one night when we were caught in a rousing game of Pickle Racing. It's not nearly as gay as it sounds. Anyway, his very humble blog, Boomers Ramblings can be viewed and slandered at

I can;t help but think there was at least one or two more new blogs I was supposed to announce. I know I have a few to add to my blogroll on the right. I'll get to that tonight hopefully.

My new staff picks and the answer to this weeks commonality will be up tommorrow night.. so stay tuned!

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