Thursday, December 15, 2005

The band is Kleinbottle out of Winnipeg. The album is their first EP and is availiable at their website I suggest you download it, and play it for every living soul you come across and tell them where you got it and how they too can have a peice of the magic.

The album was completed this past month and has been on limited release on their webpage. I'm hoping to get my own hands on a more official release, but I'll certainly make do with what I can get.

Word from my source in the band is that they are working/will be working on a full length release into the new year, so we can look forward to some new material and maybe some retooling of what's on here.

Anyways, enjoy the album, its good. Visit the webpage as soon as possible,


Soulfood said...

Isn't your source just Mark?? I thought that was his band.

I'm going to go investigate this more (ie. look at your old posts)


Soulfood said...

Yup. It's Mark's band. I checked on your Producer School blog. I knew it was there somewhere!!


Pilon, A said...

I'm on the way!!

Anonymous said...

on the way where?? Are you changing your pics or not??

Binns said...

wow, what a great website Kleinbottle. Where do I get the tunes from?

Binns said...

Never mind. You click on the titles. Duh.