Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Ideas of Fun

So the other night (the 4th) I was vigilantly working away when lo-and-behold if I don't get a $10 bill in my till with the writing "" written across it. Well I had seen such things before and I figured... hell I should visit this page.

The idea of these pages is to enter your bill into a database, stating where you found it and the database is then able to tell you where the bill has been and eventually where it goes after you spend it/put it back in circulation.

So I joined up and have been entering the odd bill from work and marking my personal cash, to see where it goes. It's a pretty invoved game, there are apparantly lots of bills out there like this, and once you get into the game quite heavily, you are able to potentially enter hundreds of bills a day into the database.

Anyhoo, if you guys are interested in joining too, the site is at and it has all the info you could need to start yourselves into it. They also have a team feature, so if anyone wants to start/join a team with me, get ahold of me by e-mail or check out my profile page on the site.

I should add, that not only are they proudly Canadian, but they are also Saskatchewan based, so the bulk of the users right now are from Saskatchewan (like 59% of the bills entered originated in SK).

In other news, I think Corey has approved my pics for this week as being prize worthy, so folks get your guesses in. the first person to get the correct answer will receive a free rental from Movie Factory in Weyburn. Entries can be entered by e-mailing Best of luck all!

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Soulfood said...

Well, I have to say...I've seen that marked money and I've been to that website. It doesn't interest me. But that's just me...

Also, I think you should make your movies easier...they're just too hard. Or have an installment of "movie choices for dummies."